pppp im a loser and made a gaia account go add me. friend me. w/e

 pasta deity

 hhhhhhh when i get to 1k followers ill have a giveaway of some pokemon figurines and mayb some stickers bc i collect cute stickers but never use them and my desk is getting crowded be prepared for cute letters too

 heres some of the stuff i could give away what would y’all be most intersted in? i mean like. first place gets X amount, second gets X w/e that kind of thing

 promo me just think of maybe owning cute figurines

 pay me to draw birbs

 free birb tile. please do not reupload

 free birb tile. please do not reupload

list of stuff i could give away

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this isn’t a waste of money it’s a wise investment
im running out of room on my desk to hold all this cute stuff i keep buying
mAN OK one day ill. do one of those give away things. i have so much cute stuff pilled up i hope y’all r prepared

 iM WEAK I SPETN ALL MY MONEY but look how cute all this stuff is



image sO WEAK

 do u knnow how hard it is to find sites that ship to new zealand tho. so hard. not even amazon does, most of th e time. im so excited uwaaaa

 his shirt says nerd squad

 his shirt says nerd squad